Ajai Kumar

B S Ajai Kumar is an Indian oncologist and entrepreneur. He is the founder chairman & CEO of HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd, a South Asian provider of cancer care.


Kumar got his MBBS from St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore. He completed his residency at University of Virginia Hospital. Then, he obtained a MD at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas.

During the course of his career he visited India frequently. In 1989 he founded Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology in Mysore, built with grants given by the government of the United States through a non profit trust. He began practising value based medicine, which consists of giving the same treatment at a much lower cost than in the United States and Europe. Then he started the Bangalore Institute of Oncology.

He practised for two decades in USA; in 2003 he decided to return with his family to India, and in 2005 he formed HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG). introducing new technology for cancer treatment. In 2019 HCG had around 15 comprehensive cancer care centres.

He also partnered with Kamini A. Rao to establish fertility centers in India in 2013.

Kumar is also the President of Association of Healthcare Providers Bangalore and Chapter and Advisor of the Federation of Healthcare Associations. He has given several talks at Harvard Business School and other universities and participates in different health initiatives.

Awards and achievements


Kumar has established the “International Human Development & Upliftment Academy”, near Mysore, Karnataka, which is engaged in alleviating rural illiteracy, empowering women.The HCG Foundation does free cancer treatments for patients from economically backward families.

Antardhwani is an independent Think Tank of HCG which works in health, education and agriculture projects. It also works on anti-tobacco control programmes to fight cancer.


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